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Appreciate him or her.

How many times have we thought that we’ll be happy once we get those shoes, that house, that job, that phone, name it? The usual reply that some people give when they are asked as to how they are is “Aah, I’m pretty fair but I’ll be fine some day.” Some of us have evenContinue reading “Appreciate him or her.”

What if?

How many times have we run away from a chance at love, happiness, joy and peace simply because we feel like we do not deserve any of the above? How many times have we found ourselves stuck in the same place simply because we are afraid of the unknown? Some of us have never takenContinue reading “What if?”

What zone are you in?

They say that life is not a bed of roses and it can never be a straight road. Some of us like the comfort that comes along with just sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning or the peace and quiet that the mornings always bear before we are welcomed with the morning traffic. AsContinue reading “What zone are you in?”

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